Friday, March 18, 2016

NEW Resources on ahcancalED!

Marguerite McLaughlin 

More than 1,000 AHCA members are now using ahcancalED to gain valuable information, learn new concepts, find a useful tool or resource or take a minute to flip through Provider Magazine. That’s right! All of this can be found within ahcancalED, AHCA’s new learning management system and a free member benefit designed for learning, inspiring and sharing.

Newly featured in ahcancalED is a complete series to assist you with the recently announced changes to Five-Star. The series contains an array of resources to apprise you of the changes along with a video briefing from Mark Parkinson, Dr. David Gifford and Mary Ousley, along with handouts and tools to implement within your setting. The module is called Five-Star: What You Need to Know. It has already climbed to the top of the most accessed resources for this week.

Another great product created by AHCA’s Quality Improvement Committee is Driving Quality by Operationalizing Business Systems: A Call to Action. Don’t let the long name keep you from visiting this fabulous resource! This team of experts responded to the challenge of creating a resource that centers could use to understand and teach QAPI. The series walks you through QAPI, shows the connection to Baldrige, and has a wide array of tools. It even teaches teams how to have a meeting ala QAPI! There are tracking tools and great case studies including one that shows how an ambitious center saved over $500K following the process.

We are pleased to announce our first “Share the Love” Competition. “sharED” is the section of ahcancalEd where providers can share a resource with the ahcancalED community. Have you created a handy tracking tool, a fabulous in-service training, a worksheet that helps CNAs remember a certain skill or protocol in the moment? Why not share it with others so the whole nation can benefit from your brilliance! Challengers can go to this link, fill out a short form that describes the tool or resource and submit it to . The judging committee will select five winners. Winners will receive a special ahcancalED prize. The deadline is March 31 at 9PM EST.

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