Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Video: LTC Trend Tracker for Assisted Living

Last year, AHCA/NCAL's data collection tool LTC Trend Tracker expanded to offer features for assisted living providers. These long term care providers can now submit their staffing data to learn more about their retention and turnover trends, as well as their customer satisfaction results. More features will continue to be added in the coming year, allowing assisted living providers to track their performance on key quality indicators.

A new video from AHCA/NCAL demonstrates the importance for assisted living members to use LTC Trend Tracker.

The video focuses on how changing payment models put pressure on health care providers to offer better care at a lower cast, causing the formation of partnerships among health care providers. Settings like hospitals and managed care organizations are looking to work or contract with other providers that will ensure high quality care, and they want concrete evidence that other providers are equal to the task.

For those assisted living providers that are already tracking their quality performance internally, LTC Trend Tracker is still a worthwhile tool. This online resource allows members to track uniform data to allow consistent measuring across assisted living, so that providers can compare themselves among their peers.

LTC Trend Tracker is an exclusive, free member benefit for AHCA/NCAL members facilities. If you're a member of NCAL, and not signed up for this resource, learn how and then register through our website.

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