Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It’s Our World

Tom Burke
Once a year, always beginning on Mother’s Day, skilled nursing care centers nationwide take pride in publicly honoring the indomitable spirit of residents and recognizing staff accomplishments. Called National Nursing Home Week, May 8 to 14, 2016, skilled nursing care centers will coalesce under the theme, “It’s a Small World, with a Big Heart.”
This theme underscores the bond between staff, older adults, and individuals receiving therapies or people with developmental disabilities. Staff and residents view each other in the spirit of family. For staff, this reality is often a calling to a special mission and a life’s work. 
This year’s theme puts your care center square in the middle of the daily pursuit of health and happiness. What better way to promote community outreach and awareness during the week than by sponsoring a good old, street-style fair.  
Planning Guide: a FunFair “How to” 
A FunFair is a great way to create positive interactions between the residents, their extended families, including many kids who visit Grandma and Gramps, and friends or volunteers. 
Through the power of games, s’mores, entertainment, sing-a-longs, food, fundraiser, and much more, care centers have a platform to display the unique characteristics of your care center – and a theme to attract attention to your location at the crossroads of American generations. 
Look for this year Planning Guide and Product Catalog to be in your postal mailboxes in March. This year’s themed-products will help you celebrate in a classy way and your staff will like the branded products over generic knock offs. Licensed products can be ordered online. For more details on FunFair ideas, please visit the Nursing Home Week web page. Offer your ideas and comments on the week’s own Facebook page – and be sure to “friend” the page. 
The first incarnation of the famous tune -- It's a Small World -- was at the 1964- 1965 New York World's Fair. Back in the day it was not just a song, it represented a movement to foster peace and understanding worldwide, sparked by the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. 
Be a Change Agent
National Nursing Home Week is a time to make an impression with positive community relations – be visible within your community:
  • Send schedules of activities to your local newspapers, shopping circulars and media outlets.
  • Invite local VIPs to your events. Ask the mayor to recognize Nursing Home Week and hang out banners and bunting in celebration. 
Next Year & Beyond
We’d like to hear from you on our Facebook page regarding two items about National Nursing Home Week. First, let us know if you have any suggestions for a theme for 2017. You can propose a specific theme (short) or a general topic that we can develop. Second, after more than four decades of calling this National Nursing Home Week®, AHCA is thinking about updating the name to Skilled Nursing Care Center Week. Let us hear from you or email to

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