Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Health Inspection Survey Score Now Available in LTC Trend Tracker


AHCA members can now find their Health Inspection Survey Score in LTC Trend Tracker. Survey Score is the basis of your five star rating, and it includes both health and complaint inspection data. CMS uses the following methodology for calculating your survey score:

· Based on the most recent three standard surveys

· Results from any complaint investigations during the most recent three-year period

· Any repeat revisits (no points assigned for the first revisit)

· Points are assigned to individual health deficiencies according to their scope and severity

· More points are assigned for more serious, widespread deficiencies

· Fewer points for less serious, isolated deficiencies

· If the deficiency generates a finding of substandard quality of care, additional points are assigned. If the status of the deficiency is “past non-compliance” and the severity is “immediate jeopardy” (i.e., J-,K- or L-level), then points associated with a G- level deficiency are assigned.

You can find your survey score in the CASPER Combined Report in the LTC Trend Tracker System. Login today to see your data!

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