Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Clinical Practice Adds New Resources Online

Holly Harmon

Last week at AHCA/NCAL Quality Summit, the Building Prevention Into Every Day Practice: Framework for Successful Clinical Outcomes was released. Success in achieving positive resident/patient outcomes is even more critical now than ever before. The link between quality and payment in long term and post-acute care is growing stronger, as evidenced by the SNF Value Based Purchasing Program (VBP), Improving Post-Acute Care Transformation (IMPACT) Act, SNF Quality Reporting Program (QRP) and more. In addition, regulatory activity is intensifying and the Five-Star Rating system and Nursing Home Compare have been revised and will add items in the future as it broadens public reporting and transparency. Most importantly, consumers expect and deserve high quality care.

The AHCA Clinical Practice Committee designed and built the Building Prevention Into Every Day Practice: Framework for Successful Clinical Outcomes, which outlines key elements from both an organizational and clinical nature that are critical to successful clinical and organizational outcomes. Positively, these elements reflect common denominators that cross multiple care situations. Therefore, instead of being yet another initiative or single focused project to achieve just one outcome, it is a way of acting, thinking and being that will benefit multiple areas across an organization. Applying this framework into practice will provide a strong foundation for improved resident/patient outcomes in addition to more efficient use of staff, time, and resources.

Supplemental materials to support applying the framework into every day practice are posted on the website including video vignettes, worksheets, conversation starters with key takeaways and probing questions, checklists for what you can do as an individual and for what an organization can do. Embark on the journey through the Framework today!

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