Tuesday, December 22, 2015

OMHA Quarterly Listing of Program Issuances

Dianne De La Mare
The Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA) has released its quarterly notice listing the OMHA Case Processing Manual (OCPM) manual instructions published from July-September 2015. This manual standardizes the day-to-day procedures for carrying out adjudicative functions, in accordance with applicable statues, regulations and OMHA directives, and also gives OMHA staff direction for processing appeals.

 Over the covered 3-month period, OMHA has released new chapters describing: 1) individuals that qualify as parties to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing and review process so that those filing requests for a hearing actually have the right to file a request (Chapter 4, Parties); 2) the roles/responsibilities of party representatives (Chapter 5, Representatives); and 3) the roles/responsibilities of CMS and its contractors (Chapter 6, CMS and CMS Contractor Roles).

To access the full text of these new chapters and other current instructions, go to http://www.hhs.gov/omha/OMHA_Case_Processing_Manual/index.html

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