Thursday, December 17, 2015

ahcancalED Update

Since its launch just two months ago hundreds of people have registered to become part of the ahcancalED community. As we speak, over 170 people are taking the 2016 Silver Criteria Series course in preparation for submitting their applications for the Silver level of the AHCA/NCAL Quality Award program. This is a great example of how AHCANCAL is supporting our members through education. This learning management system hosts a wide variety of educational tools and resources to assist members in their quality journey. Members cite that it is easy to use, has many valuable tools and products and is constantly being updated with new products.

Another new and distinctive course was created by the Quality Improvement Committee recognizing that many people want to be proficient in managing business systems such as QAPI. So much of an organization’s success in achieving the Quality Initiative is predicated on their ability to manage systems well. Each of the Quality Initiative goals require the discipline, knowledge and skill of following a systems approach. For many of us, it wasn’t something we learned in business or nursing school. Yet, success lies in knowing how to effectively implement and manage a systems approach. Good news! AHCA/NCAL recognized, based on comments from its members, this critical skill gap and with a band of experts created a course to address the need. It includes case studies, videos, podcasts, worksheets, and a wide array of tools and resources to help follow the process. The course is titled Driving Quality by Operationalizing Business Systems: A Call to Action.

Another valuable educational product found in ahcancalED is Nursing Home Leaders Academy of Excellence Webinar Series. The Nursing Home Leader Academy of Excellence was the brainchild of Jocelyn Montgomery, Director of Clinical Affairs at California Association of Health Facilities (CAHF), who recognized the need for leadership training. To make the program a reality, CAHF partnered with the Quality Care Health Foundation and the American Health Care Association. The program, supported by a grant from the California Health Care Foundation is an intensive, interactive experience that prepares nursing home administrators to be competent and inspired leaders in skilled nursing centers. This webinar series was a component of the Academy and is now being shared with all of you. The series includes: Falls as a Quality Improvement Target - Sue Ann Guildermann; Customer Satisfaction as a Quality Improvement Target - Mary Tellis Nayak; Staff Stability & Consistent Assignment Strategies - Barbara Frank & Cathie Brady; Hospital Readmission Reduction; Not Just Nursing's job - David Farrell; Vision Led organizations -Phil Fogg; Antipsychotics as a Quality Improvement Target- David Gifford ; QAPI in Action - Janet Snipes

ahcancalED is sure to have something that will be of interest to you. Curious about the CJR Rule? We’ve got that! Want to know more about Five-Star? We’ve got that, too!

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