Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SHOP Marketplace Open Enrollment for Employers with Fewer than 50 Employees

Dave Kyllo

Small businesses can enroll in SHOP Marketplace coverage from November 15 through December 15 without meeting a participation requirement. This one-month window is available to small businesses each year. Outside of this window, in most states, small businesses generally must meet a minimum participation requirement of 70 percent in order to enroll in SHOP Marketplace coverage. 

The SHOP exchange was created by the Affordable Care Act to create marketplace for smaller employers to purchase health insurance at more competitive rates with lower administrative costs. More information about the SHOP marketplace open enrollment is available here

AHCA/NCAL members who are larger employers (50 or more full time employees in most states) are not eligible for the SHOP exchange. AHCA/NCAL has created a special program for these members who interested in providing health care benefit programs to their employees. Members are encouraged to look at AHCA/NCAL Insurance Solutions for more information about competitive ACA compliant health insurance programs before making a final decision about their health insurance programs.  

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