Monday, November 9, 2015

Quality Improvement Best Practices: Oakridge Gardens Rehabilitation and Memory Center

Administrator Nicholas Weight of Oakridge Gardens Rehabilitation and Memory Center, a 2014 Bronze Award recipient, describes how the Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria has assisted his organization in their improvement journey.

Oakridge Gardens Rehabilitation and Memory Center, located in Menasha, WI, began our journey in an effort to advance our organization by utilizing a proven best practice approach, the Baldrige Criteria. Our main goals were to improve the quality of clinical care we provided, learn more about our customers and their desires, and become more systematic in our work processes.

Strategies the Organization Took to Improve

Prior to beginning our Quality Improvement Journey, we made decisions based on gut feeling, financial impact, and day to day issues that came up. Since beginning this journey, we have since moved away from those past habits and moved toward, although not totally there yet, a more predictable and expected outcome, based on data driven decision making and systematic review of problems. To create sustainability of our work and plan for future work, we now monitor all of our Key Performance Measures monthly through our Campus Leadership Team Meetings and benchmark ourselves against the state and national averages to determine if we need to address an issue prior to it becoming a problem. We have set up an in depth QAPI program that demands accountability through monthly, quarterly and annual assurance and improvement meetings. These meetings include not only our Campus Leadership Team but also floor staff from all departments, residents, and even family members.   READ MORE.

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