Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Congress Out for Thanksgiving Week

Drew Thies

Members of Congress returned to their home states last week ahead of a week-long district work period coinciding with the Thanksgiving holiday.

Legislation focusing on the resettlement of Syrian refugees as well as a budget reconciliation measure containing changes to the affordable care act will be at the center of attention when Congress returns next week. Lawmakers also must address appropriations measures should the reconciliation measure fail after a predicted presidential veto.

The deadline for action on the budget is December 11. The House and Senate already passed a budget deal earlier this year which sets top-line spending limits; however debates still exist on how that money should be appropriated. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced he will allow policy riders on appropriations legislation, muddying the already murky situation.

AHCA will continue to monitor legislative plans through the Thanksgiving holiday and ensure that long term and post-acute care providers are listened to and taken into account in any laws enacted before the new year.

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