Wednesday, November 4, 2015

6 Tips for Writing a Successful Gold Application

New AHCA Chair Tom Coble, Everton, Outgoing Chair Len Russ

Everton Spencer, Administrator of Opis Highlands Lake Center of Florida, a 2015 Gold– Excellence in Quality Award recipient, knows firsthand the work that goes into achieving Gold. 

At this level, applicants must show superior performance in key areas by addressing the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence in Health Care in its entirety.

Below are Everton's six tips on how to complete a successful Gold application.

  1. Take the time to review other successful applications.  Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. 
  2. Make sure you read and understand what the criterion is asking for.  Take the time to read the definitions of the words in ALL-CAPS.
  3. Don’t do this alone.  Pull two or three of your top people to assist with writing the application.
  4. Use diagrams and charts where possible.  It saves space and explains your process easier and simpler than words.
  5. Use all the available resources you have at your disposal.  Do not forget to ask for help.
  6. Give yourself enough time to get the application completed.  Before you realize, January is here and the application is due.
 Good Luck!
Want to achieve and excel at quality performance?  Be sure to submit your Intent to Apply (ITA) for a 2016 Quality Award by 8 PM EST on November 19! 

Have questions?  Contact the Quality Award staff at

*** Important Upcoming Dates ***
November 19: ITA deadline
December 7: Applications accepted online
January 28: All Application deadlines

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