Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Journey to Quality Excellence: Tips from 2015 Gold Award Recipient Pacific Coast Manor

By Marise Goetzl, Executive Director of Pacific Coast Manor

Pacific Coast Manor began its AHCA/Baldrige quality journey in 2009 with the Bronze, 2011 with the Silver and 2014 with the Gold. During each step, the center strived to develop a culture which supported a strong level of engagement between staff and residents.

Our Tiered Hiring Practices provided a systematic process to select qualified employees that valued our  “family serving families” culture. Pacific Coast Manor’s “IDT walking rounds” provide the foundation for aligning expectations and driving customer satisfaction  by providing the opportunity to innovatively personalize each resident’s care. 

Our Quality Management Program provides the opportunity to validate strengths we can build on and identify opportunities  for improvement. This quality management process is incorporated into daily stand up meetings, quality meetings and performance improvement teams. Our goal is to resolve issues with effective system changes that minimize opportunities for reoccurrence. Frequent mock surveys support our focus on regulatory compliance to sustain our”5 Star” CMS status. Our “7 Day Strong” program staggers managers’ schedules to provide 7 day a week management team support for all of our staff with the goal of  upholding  important care processes and to  provide oversight of  our abundant weekend admissions.

The Pacific Coast Manor leadership team is proud of each and every employee’s contributions in achieving the 2015 Gold Award.


Want to achieve and excel at quality performance?  Be sure to submit your Intent to Apply for a 2016 Quality Award by 8 pm EST on November 19! 

Have questions?  Contact the Quality Award staff at qualityaward@ahca.org.

Important Dates to Know!
November 19: Intent to Apply deadline
December 7: Applications accepted online
January 28: Bronze, Silver and Gold application deadlines

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