Thursday, September 17, 2015

Track Your Quality Progress Using LTC Trend Tracker!

As we start the 4th Quarter, many organizations are preparing for the year-end goal review and setting 2016 goals.  This process may be dependent on your organization type. The LTC Trend TrackerSM tool compiles your organization’s historical data in a matter of minutes. Here is a short roundup on how you can use one of the many clinical or quality reports as part of your goal setting process.

 - One of the best LTC Trend Tracker reports for this session is the resident Quality Measure Report which is derived from your MDS and updated quarterly. With your QA team, review this report and select a measure, such as LS antipsychotics. 

 - Within the LTC Trend Tracker Quality Measure Report you can pull your antipsychotic usage data.  Click on the “more” link within the report then a graph and percentile chart will load with your center’s historical information and peer ranking.  Use this data to begin your QA committee deliberations and plan with confidence that your decisions are based on “fact” and not seat-of- the-pants thinking. Some typical questions you might use as “discussion starters” are:

  • How does your percentile ranking compare to your peers?
  • What are the national and state top performer rankings? How do you compare?
  • Compare this data to your Five Star QM Report for your SS and LS antipsychotic usage.  What are the total points you need to achieve the next star rating? Or what are the minimum points you need to stay within that range?
  • Decide your reduction goal by comparing historical trends.

Now that LTC Trend Tracker has provided you with a road map of where your organization has been, and assisted you in setting your targets for the future, use LTC Trend Tracker to assist you in other areas of your QA/PI effort. This web-based program can provide numerous reports for your center on Quality, Financial and Clinical Performance.

If you are a registered user and have not used LTC Trend Tracker at your QA meeting, log on today and use the data to track progress on each of your targets.  LTC Trend Tracker is a member resource. 

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