Monday, September 28, 2015

LTC Trend Tracker and Your Quality Award Application

Using LTC Trend Tracker for your Quality Award application is an easy way for you to get comparative data on your center.   LTC Trend Tracker provides AHCA members information on clinical, regulatory, five star and financial results, with most of this data being populated from CMS.  When using LTC Trend Tracker for a comparison you are able to choose your peer group from a predefined set that ranges from the zip code to the national level. Alternatively, you can choose a custom peer group such as a neighboring county or city.  

To use LTC Trend Tracker for your Quality Award, first choose the metric you want to measure, such as long-stay antipsychotics. To run the corresponding report in this example you will choose the Quality Measure report, select your peer such as city, and run the report.  Once you are in the report, scroll down to the third quarter view and hit the “more” link for the long-stay antipsychotics. By choosing this link, you’ll see a graph and a table. From here, you can export the graph and that will allow you to cut and paste the graph into your application.  Or you can export data to Excel and that will allow you to select certain data points for your comparison purposes and make a graph from Excel.  

LTC Trend Tracker is a source of data for nursing care centers across the country, since most of the data is populated from a SNF’s Medicare Number.  When you are using this data you have a robust source of comparative data for your application.  

If you are a registered user, go to to get started.  If you are not sure if your center is registered for the system, please email to see if you already have access.  

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