Thursday, September 17, 2015

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Announced!

David Gifford, MD, MPH and Lindsay B. Schwartz, PhD

AHCA/NCAL has developed a short questionnaire to develop a customer satisfaction quality measure for use as part of its Quality Initiative.  The CoreQ—consisting of three to four questions—has been independently tested as a valid and reliable measure of customer satisfaction across long-term care providers. No other measure like this exists.  

The Association is working with vendors to add the questions to their existing questionnaires or to only administer it.  Later this year, members will be able to enter CoreQ results into LTC Trend Tracker and benchmark themselves against their peers on a common metric. 

Below are the vendors that have agreed to add the questions to their questionnaire.  If you do not see your vendor listed, we encourage you to ask them to add these questions to their questionnaire or to contact David Gifford, ( or Lindsay Schwartz ( if they have questions.

If you don’t currently use a vendor to collect customer satisfaction, don’t worry you can still participate. You can contact one of the vendors listed below or Nicholas Castle, Ph.D., at the University of Pittsburgh who developed the CoreQ for AHCA/NCAL.  Dr. Castle is willing to work with providers to administer just the CoreQ questionnaire to your residents and their family members.

AHCA/NCAL will also be submitting the CoreQ and satisfaction measure to the National Quality Forum (NQF) for endorsement. 

For more information about this questionnaire and satisfaction measure you can visit the AHCA or NCAL Quality Initiative website. 

Vendors that have agreed to add CoreQ:

Neil Gulsvig
Healthcare Academy (ReadyQ)
National Research Corporation (My Innerview)
Rich Kortum
Nick Castle PhD (Univ of Pittsburgh)
Peter Kramer
Service Trac
Michael Johnson
The Jackson Group, Inc.

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