Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nourishing the Mind for NALW

Karen Homer, Intern
“Nourishing the mind is like nourishing the body. It keeps you ALERT, ACTIVE and in AWE of all there is” -anonymous

As we all look forward to this year’s National Assisted Living Week® (NALW), we encourage you to actively demonstrate to your residents the importance of maintaining an active and healthy mind! Throughout the week challenge your residents to keep their minds engaged through increased social interactions, challenging intellectual games, and various crafts. Achieve higher levels of mental capabilities in your residents with some of these suggested cognitive activities.

Games and Puzzles. Gather your residents around for a game day! Crossword puzzles, brainteasers and jigsaw puzzles are all great choices for stimulating brain activity. Other puzzles include word searches, Sudoku, and crypto quotes. Add in a little friendly competition, by having your residents solve these puzzles together in groups or teams and play for prizes. Find great NALW themed prizes for your residents in the NCAL bookstore.

Social Activities. Research has shown that simple social interactions with friends and family helps to activate the mind. Organize a social retreat or event for your residents that will encourage them to interact with staff and other residents.
As we all look forward to this year’s

Hobbies & Crafts. Engaging in a craft or a hobby is an excellent way for the elderly to keep their brains active and alert. Organize various craft stations based on your residents’ general interests. These crafts may include anything from drawing, painting, knitting, playing music, scrap-booking, and photography. Showcase your residents’ unique talents by allowing them to share their crafts within the facility. Finding activities that interest your residents provides them with an increased sense of enjoyment and self-esteem.

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