Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Webinar: #Winning at Social Media

Adrienne Riaz-Khan

As social media becomes an integral part of our daily lives, learn how to interact with current residents and families, as well as reach potential consumers. This webinar gives an overview of the role that social media could play in your center or community's marketing and communication strategy. Find out the latest trends on what social media channels consumers are using and why, and how those trends could benefit your organization.

#Winning at Social Media
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
2:00 PM-3:00 PM Eastern Time


Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the various social media channels currently popular among consumers and how to use them as a business.
2. Develop a social media plan as part of a community's larger marketing and communications strategy.
3. Know how to maximize the use of social media while protecting residents' privacy and mitigating risk to your company.


Rachel Reeves
Director of Communications

Amy Mendoza
Senior Manager, Public Affairs

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