Tuesday, July 21, 2015

National Social Work Dream Foundation Webinar

Holly Harmon
Interested social work, nursing activity, ministry or administrative staff are invited to register for a live Nursing Home (and assisted living) Social Work Dream Foundation webinar on August 18, 2015 from 1-2 PM Eastern Time.   Dream Foundation is the only national dream-granting organization for adults. Since 1994, they have been touching lives, meeting needs, reuniting families, and providing peace, closure and joy at the end of life’s journey. Kristy Raihn, Dream Foundation’s Outreach Coordinator, is the webinar presenter and will share dream referral details and stories of meaningful dream requests, which have included reunions with loved ones, meeting a personal hero, or an opportunity to attend a favorite sporting event.

Nursing home or assisted living residents are eligible if they are 18 and over, have a life expectancy of one year or less, and lack the resources to fulfill their dreams themselves. These dream requests can vary from basic need items, such as a mobility scooter, lift chair, TV, to bedside reunions, or the fulfillment of life-long dreams. The Dream Foundation’s philosophy is powerful and well stated. “While we cannot cure their illnesses, we can dramatically impact the quality of their lives with the joy experienced from a dream come true.” If nursing home or assisted living staff are not able to attend the live broadcast, they can listen to the one hour webinar recording presentation with PowerPoint after August 19, 2015 at http://clas.uiowa.edu/socialwork/nursing-home/webinars/recordings-past-webinars.

For more information about the Dream Foundation, visit www.dreamfoundation.org or call 888-4DREAMS (888- 437-3267). If you are interested in the National Nursing Home Social Work Network, please contact Mercedes Bern-Klug at mercedes-bern-klug@uiowa.edu.

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