Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Success through Systems: Baldrige & QAPI

Holly Harmon, RN, MBA, LNHA

Foundational to the 2015-2018 AHCA Quality Initiative are the core principles of two approaches known as the Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria and Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement (QAPI).  In order to achieve and sustain the Quality Initiative goals and drive overall business success, an organization must engage in a systematic performance improvement model, such as Baldrige or QAPI. 

AHCA has developed new resources to help members explore and better understand how and why to apply the Baldrige criteria.  The Baldrige Fact Sheet provides a one page introduction to this integrated management model.  Also, take eight minutes of your time and check out the Baldrige Overview Webinar where Courtney Bishnoi, Director of Quality and the Quality Award Program at AHCA, provides the highlights of how your organization can drive better quality and business outcomes through Baldrige. 

As you and your team review the goals of the new Quality Initiative as outlined in the Quality Initiative Fact Sheet, consider the systems and processes you have in place to support continuous improvement. Reflect on:

 · How the organization can further improve serving the customer who is recognized as the driver of the work of the organization;

· Clarity of direction set by leadership to consistently deliver value;

· Utilization of strategy to focus priorities;

· Empowerment of motivated, willing and eager workforce to make decisions and suggest improvements;

· Effectiveness of work processes that do not create rework;

· Use of data to monitor progress and support decisions;

· Whether the organization efforts are guided by the organization’s mission, vision and values.

Enjoy the Journey!

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