Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Assisted Living Residents Craft Works of Art

Rachel Reeves

Skip the museums. The 2014 submissions for NCAL’s Art for the Ages project are now available for viewing through NCAL’s online art exhibit for the public. Last winter, NCAL member communities submitted more than 150 images of resident art and craft work for display.

Check out some of the resident artists and their inspiration:

Sylvia of Channel Pointe Village, WA
Sylvia picks fresh flowers, puts them on a card, covers them with a paper towel and takes a hammer and pounds on them and the color and impression from the flowers stains/imprints the cards.

Marc of Arbor Terrace, Maine
Marc has been working on number of drawings with markers and collages with the variety of color paper on his time. He describes his inspiration as the abstract art of the early 20th century which he thinks "meaningless things come together and it seems to have some meaning."

Philip of Fallbrook Woods Residential Care, Maine
Philip is a World War II veteran who had a long, successful career as a professional commercial artist in Portland, Maine. Despite living with memory impairment, Phil’s ability to paint beautifully from a still-life remains strong. Phil finds great joy in painting roses, sailboats, American flags and landscapes.

Diane of Kingsway Manor, New York
Diane, 76, has been a resident of Kingsway Manor Assisted Living in Schenectady, New York for two years. She has been an artist her whole life and says she creates art because she enjoys working with the colors. “I like nature, and enjoy painting different birds and flowers,” she said. When asked to share her inspiration for her piece, titled “Hummingbirds in Spring”, she said simply, “I was just painting from the heart.”

Eleanor of Peachtree Village Assisted Living, Arkansas
Ellie creates art every day.  This is another one of her many creations she has done this year.  She just loves to paint and it keeps her young. 

Josephine of Garden View Senior Community, Iowa
Josephine, 92, is displaying just one of her beautiful pencil drawings. This special drawing is of her husband, Rodney. Josephine estimates she has approximately 20 hours into this particular one. Jo (as the community likes to call her) first took an art class at age 76 and has enjoyed it ever since. Incredibly, she has drawn a total of 38 drawings and is currently finishing up the last of her eight children. She has completed a few of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well. In addition, she enjoys pastel and oil paintings. Josephine has been living at Garden View for the past nine years. 

See all of the submissions on NCAL’s website or on Flickr.

NCAL’s Art for the Ages displays the many talented artist-residents from across the country. Art for the Ages also celebrates this life-enhancing and enriching activity for seniors.

Sharing artwork can also give inspiration to other assisted living caregivers on how to implement similar projects in their communities. Follow AHCA/NCAL’s board on Pinterest to save these art activity ideas for your own communities.

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