Tuesday, March 3, 2015

NEW Consumer Handout on Falls in Assisted Living

Rachel Reeves

A new resource from NCAL seeks to educate consumers on the risk for falls, while also encouraging their participation in helping to manage this risk. Developed by the NCAL Customer Relations Committee and NCAL Risk Management Workgroup, “A Conversation About Falls in Assisted Living” (pdf) addresses frequently asked questions to spark the conversation between staff and consumers.

“A Conversation About Falls in Assisted Living” encourages family members to discuss with staff which items are appropriate and declutter rooms for safety. The handout also includes tips for residents, such as wearing good-fitting shoes and embracing assistance devices (such as walkers or canes) when necessary.

Assisted living providers can print out the handout to include in admission packets, or make readily available for consumers when discussions about falls occur.

Realizing that not every fall can be prevented, the NCAL resource ultimately attempts to make residents and family members a part of the solution before events occur.

“A Conversation About Falls in Assisted Living” can be downloaded from the NCAL website on its Managing Falls Web page, http://bit.ly/NCALfalls.

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