Wednesday, January 14, 2015

AHCA Kicks off Multimedia Advocacy Campaign

American Health Care Association launched its multimedia effort targeting Congress and government staff ahead of upcoming sustainable growth rate (SGR) deadline.

AHCA is showing willingness to accept reductions for poor performance amongst some skilled nursing centers as an alternative to broad cuts to pay for the annual “doc-fix.” AHCA is actively bringing alternative proposals to Congress which seek to lower costs by rewarding high quality care.

“As the doc fix fight heats up again this year, skilled nursing and rehab providers stand ready to help Congress find a permanent solution,” said president and CEO Mark Parkinson. “We have some ideas for a long-term fix, but another short-term patch shouldn’t cut our providers and potentially harm the over 3.5 million residents and patients we serve every year. No matter the process or the time length, however, we will be engaged and eager to continue offering constructive solutions.”

Last year’s SGR patch included a $2 billion dollar provision which adopted some proposals offered by AHCA, such as providing an incentive to reduce hospital readmissions after a stay in a skilled nursing center, but still cut overall rates to the sector.

AHCA will run TV spots inside the beltway, and ads on websites such as Roll Call, The Huffington Post, Washington Post, and Pandora. There will be ads placed in the Capitol South Metro station—a station frequented by Members of Congress and their staff as they arrive to work on the Hill—and host multiple congressional fly-ins for constituents.

The SGR, which will need to be updated March 31st to avoid a 21% rate cut to doctors’ Medicare reimbursement, is the largest annual funding fight in healthcare and routinely costs in the tens of billions. No decisions have yet been made on how long the patch will last or how it will be paid for.

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