Thursday, December 18, 2014

State Innovation Award Results Are In!

State affiliates are critical partners in AHCA and NCAL’s Quality Initiative endeavor. They help spread the Quality Initiative message to their members through education, communication and one-on-one member interaction, provide AHCA/NCAL with updates and insight on issues of importance at the state level, and work tirelessly on behalf of their members to ensure they have the resources to allow them to provide the best possible care to their residents. To honor their efforts, AHCA recognizes state affiliates through our annual “Innovation Award,” part of the existing Quality Initiative Recognition Program. This award highlights an affiliate’s unique approach to advancing the Quality Initiative among their membership. 

We are pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Innovation Award; the California Association of Health Facilities and Care Providers of Minnesota. Congratulations to the staff and members of these two exceptional organizations!

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