Thursday, December 18, 2014

Keep Up The Great Work!

We continue to be very proud of the progress being made across the nation on the Quality Initiative goals. Many of you have been making significant changes in practices that are demonstrated in measurable results.  The most dramatic change can be seen in the reduction of off-label usage of antipsychotic drugs, where the average rate for AHCA members has decreased by 21.1% as of the second quarter of 2014 (the most recent data available). This outpaces the results nationwide, which show a 18.8% decrease for all nursing centers. As of this reporting period, over half (57%) of AHCA member centers had met the quality initiative goal of a 15% reduction since the launch of the Quality Initiative.

On 30-day hospital readmissions, through the second quarter of 2014 we have seen a 14.2% decrease in the average rate for AHCA member centers, with just over half (50.5%) already meeting the 15% reduction target expected by March of 2015. This closely parallels the rate of improvement across all centers nationally, which stands at a 14.3% reduction for this same reporting period. 

We encourage all of you who have been actively “taking the initiative” and in the process changing the lives of the people you serve for the better, to keep up the great work!  Need new ideas, or guidance on your next steps in this journey?  Visit the Quality Initiative Resource Center today!  

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