Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How Much is Staff Turnover Costing Your Organization? It Pays to Know!

High rates of staff turnover come with significant costs to skilled nursing care centers – scarce resources that we know you could find much better uses for in your organization.  To help members better understand the true costs associated with the level of turnover in your center, the AHCA Workforce Committee launched a tool that easily translates your turnover information into dollars and cents. The calculator allows you to enter some simple data specific to your organization and then transforms that data into meaningful information – the cost of your rate of turnover to your organization.
That’s not all, though. Once armed with this new information, what do you do to improve your rates and save money?  The Workforce Committee has also created simple and straightforward tools to assist you in tackling high turnover in your organization. Find them all in the Quality Initiative Resource Center.   

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