Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NCAL Releases Refreshed "Guiding Principles for Assisted Living"

Rachel Reeves

This week, NCAL revealed an updated version of its "Guiding Principles for Assisted Living." Approved by the NCAL Board of Directors earlier this summer, the document is intended to provide an aspirational framework to help promote a general understanding of quality principles in assisted living. 

As the assisted living profession continues to grow and change, NCAL developed guiding principles to assist providers, residents, family members and staff in providing quality care and services and promote full disclosure of information to prospective family members and residents. The new "Guiding Principles for Assisted Living" encourages an increased focus on the delivery of person-centered care; special training for staff who deliver specialty care; and installation of carbon monoxide detectors in accordance with state and local requirements.

The contents of NCAL’s Guiding Principles for Quality in Assisted Living may represent some preferred practices, but do not represent minimum standards, “standards of care,” or industry-wide norms for assisted living communities.

Download NCAL's "Guiding Principles for Assisted Living" or access them on the NCAL website: www.ncal.org.  

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