Tuesday, September 9, 2014

EPA Offers Special Recognition for Earning the ENERGY STAR for 5 or More Buildings in 2014!

Meg LaPorte
To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of ENERGY STAR for Buildings, EPA is offering special one-time recognition to organizations that certify 5, 15, 50, or 150 or more buildings in 2014. EPA has also extended the deadline to apply for certification to December 12*, to give everyone more time to earn this special recognition.

This is a one-time opportunity for your organization to send a powerful message to your stakeholders that you’re committed to reducing costs, protecting the environment, and fighting climate change through energy efficiency. It’s only available this year, so there’s never been a better time to certify your buildings and join ENERGY STAR Certification Nation.

About EPA’s 15th Anniversary for ENERGY STAR certified buildings
· Earn special, one-time recognition for certifying more than five buildings in 2014.

– 5+ buildings: Your organization will be highlighted on the ENERGY STAR website and receive special 15th Anniversary web graphics.

 – 15+ buildings: Everything above, plus a sample press release and social media posts, and a letter from an EPA official to the senior executive listed in your account.

 – 50+ buildings: Everything above, plus printer-ready artwork files for banners and posters, and your organization will be highlighted as part of EPA’s 2015 “ENERGY STAR Top Cities” media campaign.
– 150+ buildings: Everything above, plus a special commemorative crystal and possible spokesperson opportunities during EPA’s 2015 “ENERGY STAR Top Cities” media campaign.

How to Apply

1. Certify 5, 15, 50, or 150 buildings in 2014 (www.energystar.gov/eslabel).

2. Visit www.energystar.gov/CertificationNation and click “Apply for your recognition!”

*Extension details: EPA will guarantee 2014 approval for all applications that are postmarked by December 12, 2014 and that require no further questions or follow-up by EPA.

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