Wednesday, September 17, 2014

AHCA to Launch State of the States Clearinghouse

Caroline Haarmann

AHCA members will soon have access to key Medicaid and Medicare information through the new State of the States Clearinghouse. Launching in early October, the Clearinghouse will be a one stop shop website for valuable state-specific data impacting the long term care profession.  

Here’s a glimpse of what the new Clearinghouse will offer:

· Overview of the demographic landscape;

· State-specific nursing center occupancy and ownership breakouts; 

· Certificate of Need requirements for nursing centers and state licensure requirements; 

· State data on the cost of care for long term services and supports;  

· State data on the total number of Medicare enrollees; 

· Data on state Medicare Advantage plan enrollees and comparisons to the national average; 

· State and national Medicaid expenditure data;

· State Medicaid rates, costs and shortfalls;

· And other significant state-specific data related to payment structure, managed long term services and home and community based services coverage.

Look for more information in the coming weeks about the Clearinghouse. Following its launch, AHCA will continuously update the site and share new data/resources as they become available.

Members can visit the AHCA Medicaid Page now to learn more about the program and to access AHCA members-only Medicaid resources.

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