Friday, August 1, 2014

Clinical Practice Guideline for Care Transitions

Holly Harmon

The Transitions of Care in the Long-Term Care Continuum guide from American Medical Directors Association (AMDA) focuses on transitions of care which may occur within care settings, between care settings, across health states and between providers. This Clinical Practice Guideline is a useful resource that contains seven steps for implementation of a care transition program. Also included in this guide are sample policy and procedure for care transition, suggested common or essential elements for medication reconciliation, hospitalist checklist for an ideal discharge of the elderly patient and quality indicators for transitions between nursing facilities and emergency departments.

Transitions of care are common and it is critical to ensure appropriate measures are in place to support quality of care and quality of life for the individuals experiencing the transitions. 

To access the Transitions of Care in the Long-Term Care Continuum Clinical Practice Guideline from AMDA

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