Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dementia Care Focus Surveys Begin Soon

Lyn Bentley

In April, CMS issued an S&C memo that they will be conducting a pilot of Dementia Care Focus Surveys. As a reminder, states will volunteer to be part of the pilot, and CMS will choose five of the volunteer states. In each state, there will be 5 nursing centers identified for the dementia care focus survey. Although CMS will not yet release the states where the pilot surveys will take place, we have learned the following:
  1. The state will identify the 5 nursing centers – 1 of these centers will be considered a “top performer.”
  2. The surveys in the pilot will be identified as “complaint surveys.”
  3. CMS Central Office Staff will observe a pilot surveys and will not assist in surveyor’s interpretation, nor will they encourage “aspirational” goals of surveyor guidance.
  4. There will be specific tools used during the survey. These tools will follow the guidance for F309 and F329.
  5. Training for State Survey Agencies and state surveyors will begin during the first week in July.
What can you do to get prepare for a dementia care focus survey?

Along with reviewing the care plans and ongoing review, modifications and effectiveness of the approaches for each dementia resident, in your nursing center, there are CMS-created documents that may be helpful:
  • Review and use all the documents that were released with the new guidance for dementia care at F309, in particular the Surveyor Checklist which is the last two pages of the S&C memo and attachments.
  • Review and use the QIS Critical Element Pathways for Unnecessary Medications/Medication Regimen.
When AHCA learns more about the pilot surveys and the states that will be using them, we will let you know.

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