Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Are your staff members happy in their jobs?

Courtney Bishnoi

A recent article published in the New York Times, entitled Why You Hate Work, provides an interesting look at the current state of employee engagement and satisfaction. The article suggests that employees across the country are less engaged than ever before, and looks at the root cause of those engagement issues. Surprisingly, the root causes identified by the article can be easily addressed without a significant price tag!

The staff satisfaction guide from AHCA/NCAL provides practical, low cost ways, on how to address some of these important factors driving staff satisfaction. Implementing just a few of these could increase your customer satisfaction and business outcomes by helping you build a more committed and motivated workforce.

Increasing Staff Stability is also one of the four Quality Initiative goals. Creating a stable workforce will also directly impact your success in achieving the other three Quality Initiative Goals.

Don’t delay- download the staff satisfaction guide today!

Access more resources at qualityinitiative.ahcancal.org.

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