Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Turn Around Your Turnover!

Marguerite McLaughlin

Oh, that vexing vicious cycle of turnover! You know the one. It creeps into your organization quietly at first and within a short amount of time, it owns you. It begins to gobble up valuable time and money; resources that you cannot afford to lose. Adding to the burden is recent information that finds that higher levels of turnover in skilled nursing care centers are associated with lower quality of care (Castle & Anderson, 2011). Good news! AHCA can help!

http://www.ahcancal.org/quality_improvement/qualityinitiative/Pages/Staff-Stability.aspxOver the past several years the hardworking members of AHCA’s Workforce Committee have developed a toolkit that has shown significant promise in helping to turn around turnover issues. They sought out an impressive group of experts to determine where an organization can get their “biggest bang for the buck” in reducing turnover.

After discussions with the Studer group, the team understood that the key element to staff stability was... a strong retention program. With that in mind, they set out to develop resources and strategies based on those recommendations. The results: a sleek, streamlined kit containing four key strategies and accompanying resources to strengthen retention.

The four strategies are hard hitting approaches that guide the process to gain and keep new employees. Knowing the right questions to ask during the interview, including staff in hiring, reviewing the performance and “fit” on a 30, 60 and 90 day basis and “rounding” are the four strategies that can actually turnaround your turnover problem.

Below are the strategies. Included is a webinar available on-demand to show you how to use the kit and a calculator to measure the cost of turnover for your organization. AHCA members can download each section of the toolkit on our Quality Initiative Staff Stability page.
  • Strategy 1: Interviewing New Candidates - Employee Participation
    Help staff invest in the selection process and support for new hires, and help managers gain more insight into the candidate’s personality.
  • Strategy 2: Behavioral Based Interview Questions
    Use behavioral-based interview questions to identify candidate competencies needed for the position and to gain an accurate impression of the candidate.
  • Strategy 3: Performing 30-60-90 Day Review
    Learn the “how-tos” of performing 30–60–90 reviews for new hires 
  • Strategy 4: Walkabouts/Rounding on Direct Reports
    This section identifies how regular employee visits made by the administrator and supervisor, in the employee’s work space, fosters staff job satisfaction while saving managers time. 
  • Cost of Turnover Calculator
    The Cost of Turnover Calculator offers providers a method to calculate a facility’s expenses associated with turnover and to determine savings based on targeted improvement.
  • Webinar: 4 Key Strategies to Retain New Hires and Reduce Employee Turnover
    This webinar will focus on 4 key strategies to help providers improve retention and the working environment.
Even if you don’t have a turnover problem, these four practices can strengthen your organization and its hiring process. The first days and months of a new employee's experience are critical to your ability to keep them. The Four Strategies Toolkit can help you do that. 

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