Monday, April 7, 2014

Take Your Pulse with the QAPI Self-Assessment

Courtney Bishnoi

The Affordable Care Act includes a statute that requires that all skilled nursing care centers develop Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) programs. QAPI is a hot topic right now in the post-acute care profession. The anticipated release date for the regulations is this year. One year after a final rule for QAPI is issued, all nursing centers must have in place and implement an acceptable QAPI plan.

The time to get started on QAPI is now! Many centers across the country have begun to incorporate QAPI in their centers daily operations, and have even begun to write their QAPI plan. CMS has begun posting tools, resources and some guidance on their QAPI website.

One of the key ways AHCA is encouraging members to get started is by completing the QAPI Self-Assessment. The QAPI Self-Assessment is a simple but effective tool that will provide centers an understanding of where they are in their QAPI readiness, and identify strengths and opportunities for improvement relative to the QAPI elements. Organizations at all levels of preparedness will find this tool helpful.

There are three easy steps to completing the QAPI Self-Assessment
  1. Download and complete the QAPI Self-Assessment. Use this as a team building exercise by involving key staff from your center. Make sure to retain a copy of the completed self-assessment.
  2. Submit your results to AHCA through the online survey. AHCA will use the results of the survey to help target future training efforts. Please note that the results are completely anonymous.
  3. Download the QAPI Self-Assessment Resources to find resources in areas that you identified as "not started" or "just starting," or in other areas where you feel improvement is needed.
Learn more about QAPI on AHCA's website.

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