Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Antipsychotic Webinar Series Available On-Demand

Lyn Bentley

Still facing challenges in safely reducing the off-label use of antipsychotic medications? AHCA has just what the doctor ordered: free webinars for members that address various topics to help your nursing center reach your antipsychotic reduction goal!

All are available on-demand. Watch one or watch them all.

“What’s Up Doc?!” let’s you know how to best communicate with your Medical Director – from the perspective of a former Medical Director.  There is one specifically for CNA’s - "The Keys to Success!” And how about your frontline workers – your “Special Ops." How can “Mining for Family Gold” provide the information and family engagement that can be so instrumental in providing individualized care? “Quality is Our Business Model” links the Quality Efforts from the past (TQM, CQI, QI, QA&A) to QAPI, specifically in the area of dementia care.

Each webinar is 30 minutes... perfect for busy long term and post-acute providers. Find details and links to all 6 webinars here (member login required).
  • Part 1: The Good, the Bad and the QAPI
  • Part 2: What's Up Doc?!
  • Part 3: Mining for Family Gold
  • Part 4: Frontline Workers or "Special Ops"?
  • Part 5: CNAs - the Keys to Success!
  • Part 6: "Quality is Our Business Model" - M.K. Ousley

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