Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Staying Consistent with Consistent Assignment

Marguerite McLaughlin

Consistent Assignment - it is quite an accomplishment to achieve it across all shifts and weekends! We hear from many centers that have begun the shift or who have been working on it diligently. It is probably one of the modifications in organizational culture that is most difficult to make. We hear frequently from staffs who tell us that they can get it to work on one unit, but not across the organization; or they have it working really well . . . but not on weekends.

The importance and impact of consistent assignment cannot be underestimated! Studies and research bear out the facts that staff are much more responsive to changes in resident’s condition, have stronger relationships with residents and are likely to enjoy their job more in a climate of consistent assignment.

We know there are many tools and resources out there and that harvesting them becomes a time consuming and confusing process. So, AHCA put together a simple resource booklet exclusive to AHCA members (password required) with hotlinks to the best resources and a simple process to follow when embarking on the consistent assignment journey. Save time and use this simple booklet to advance your consistent assignment journey.

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