Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Participate in AHCA's 2013 Staffing Survey


AHCA is conducting our annual, nationwide staffing survey to examine retention and turnover rates for nursing center employees. The 2013 Staffing Survey is being sent to all nursing centers in the United States. All centers are asked to complete and return the survey by Thursday, May 1, 2014. Individual center responses to the survey will be kept confidential. Published results will appear in the aggregate form only.

To access the survey online, please go to: www.ahcancal.org/research_data/staffing.

Participation in this survey is of benefit to your organization. Reporting your 2013 staffing trends can help your center identify areas of improvement and assist you on your quality journey. AHCA member centers may also be recognized for their staff turnover results through the Association’s 2014 Quality Initiative Recognition Program.

In addition, AHCA members can access their individual survey results online through LTC Trend Tracker. Members can compare their staffing data to national and state averages, as well as local peers in aggregate. Individual center data on peers are confidential and not made available to others.

Finally, your response helps provide representative and accurate data on our workforce, including creating benchmarks on nursing center staffing at the national and state level. Information from the survey will also be used to develop policy, create quality improvement tools, and advocate to our nation’s policymakers on workforce-related issues.

Please email any questions that you may have regarding AHCA’s 2013 Staffing Survey to research@ahca.org.

If you participated in the 2012 Staffing Survey and you are a user of LTC Trend Tracker, you may access that information now. You may also access the 2012 Staffing Survey Report on the AHCA website through the Research - Staffing page.

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