Monday, March 31, 2014

How are We Doing?

Quality Initiative Progress To-Date

Ruta Kadonoff

Since the outset of the Quality Initiative, many of you have been making great strides and the results are showing! The most dramatic change can be seen in the reduction of off-label usage of antipsychotic drugs, where the average rate for AHCA members has decreased by 14.7% as of the third quarter of 2013 (the most recent data available). This outpaces the results nationwide, which show a 13.1% decrease for all nursing centers. Almost half (48.9%) of AHCA member centers had met the goal of a 15% reduction by this reporting period.  

On 30-day hospital readmissions, we have seen a 3.8% decrease in the average rate for all centers nationwide and among AHCA members, 3.3%. Almost one-third (32.3%) of AHCA member centers have already met the 15% reduction target – a three-year goal.

To put all of this in more personal and tangible terms, these results translate to almost 35,000 people who are no longer taking antipsychotic medications and 43,300 readmissions avoided. Given the risks of complications and adverse events associated with both of these things, these changes mean that your hard work and effective changes to your practices have resulted in better outcomes for over 78,000 individuals across the country. You are improving lives every day!

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