Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CMS Revises Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Peggy Connorton

On Feb. 28, CMS issued a Survey and Certification Emergency Preparedness Initiative: S&C Emergency Preparedness Checklist Revision. The revisions were made to the recommended CMS Emergency Checklist. According to the Survey & Certification Memorandum, the information is current policy and is in effect for all healthcare facilities. Highlights of the changes:
  • Detailed guidance for patient/resident tracking, to include that the facility should have a plan for when a patient/resident is determined to be missing during an evacuation 
  • Quantity of water a facility should transport during an evacuation 
  • Expectation of collaboration with Healthcare Coalitions and Local Emergency Personnel
  • Reference is made to use FEMA in updating existing emergency plans and using FEMA’s best practices and guidance when updating emergency plans. 
The link to the S&C letter can be found here.

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