Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Alzheimer’s Resource for 2014

Karah DeMarco

The current rate of diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and other dementia related illnesses is very high and it is expected to rise in the years to come. You’ll need to be sure that you are fully prepared to care for your current Alzheimer’s residents, as well as your future ones. This informative resource gives the reader understanding of what it is like for the person who has been diagnosed with this debilitating disease.

Product #8310; Price: $21.95

Author, Richard Taylor, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease at age 61, the former psychologist courageously shares an account of his slow transformation and deterioration and the growing division between his world and the world of others. He does this with poignant clarity, candor, occasional humor, and more than 80 brief essays address difficult issues faced by those with Alzheimer's disease.

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