Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Four Decades And Counting

Meg LaPorte

This year marks Provider’s 40th anniversary, and in this month’s cover story, Lynn Wagner, contributing editor and former editor in chief herself, reflects on 40 years of quality news, trends, and clinical best practices, which chronicles the emergence over time of a culture of quality in long term and post-acute care.

Continuing our long tradition of quality coverage, the 2014 20 To Watch lingers for another month with the second installment of profiles. In this month’s batch of rising starts, I dive a little deeper into the careers of six honorees, all of whom personify quality of care, quality of life, and dedication to the profession.

Bringing remote and exotic travel destinations to long term care residents can enliven their spirits and spark memories of their own voyages, as this month’s Focus on Caregiving reveals. No less than 120 Extendicare centers across the country have implemented just such a program for their residents. Known as Destinations Travelogue, the program brings foreign places to residents via multi-media.

What’s really safe to eat and what’s not when it comes to organic versus nonorganic foods? In this month’s Management column, Amara Rose offers a look at how these foods can impact seniors’ nutrition and what GMO, GE, and GM really mean. Rose also offers some tips on how to enhance flavors when salt is contraindicated.

Helping residents and their families apply for Medicaid can be a cumbersome process; add to it the further step that some providers must take in applying for guardianship of a resident. In this month’s Legal Advisor, two attorneys who specialize in the field offer up their knowledge of the issue.

Vivian Tellis-Nayak, PhD, ends his four-month-long stint as our first blogger in print. As a longtime Parkinson’s disease sufferer, Tellis-Nayak’s candid and poignant narratives of his struggles and small triumphs brings us closer to walking in his shoes and learning what others with this cruel disease face.

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