Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Congress Nears Appropriations Agreement

Drew Thies

House and Senate negotiators are closing in on a government-wide spending bill that appropriates $1.1 trillion for fiscal year 2014.

The official deal was unveiled Monday and will be debated throughout the week, though legislators will have to act fast, as a deadline is quickly approaching.

The House passed a three-day stopgap resolution to keep government agencies funded through the rest of the week while both chambers debate the omnibus package. The Senate is expected to follow suit.

The proposed legislation, which is hundreds of pages long, picks up where the December budget agreement left off. Though it stays within the confines of the guiding legislation championed by Paul Ryan and Patty Murray, it lays out much more detail.

Though there are some healthcare shakeups included in the package, none of them include a change in payment to AHCA/NCAL members. The bill, however, does allocate the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services fewer operational funds for FY 2014 than the agency had last year.

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