Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Prepare for Winter Weather

By Peggy Connorton

As we move into winter months and potential cold-weather conditions, take precaution and prepare your center, staff and residents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a comprehensive winter weather website with tips for staying safe, warm and healthy during the winter months. Among other tips, the CDC suggests:

  • Equip your center with a battery-powered or NOAA weather radio
  • Have at least one week’s worth of food and safety supplies
  • Keep plenty of water on hand
  • A back-up way to heat your center in the event of a storm.
Catch up on winter frequently asked questions, preventative action steps to prepare for a storm and what to do during and after a winter-weather storm. The AHCA/NCAL Emergency Preparedness website will also feature the CDC Winter Weather Health and Safety Tips.  For more information, visit the CDC website.


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