Monday, December 16, 2013

OIG Releases Strategic Plan for 2014-2018

By Dianne De La Mare

The US Department of Health, Office of Inspector General (OIG) has released the OIG Strategic Plan 2014-2018 (Plan), which focuses on the agency’s goals of fighting fraud, waste and abuse; promoting quality, safety and value, securing the future; and advancing excellence and innovation.  Under the category of fighting fraud, waste and abuse; OIG will use data analysis and risk assessments of emerging issues to identify suspected fraud, waste and abuse and to deploy oversight and enforcement resources.  Its priorities under this category are to hold wrongdoers accountable and maximize recovery of public funds, as well as to prevent and deter fraud, waste and abuse up front.  Under the category of promoting quality, safety and value; OIG will continue to evaluate and recommend improvements to the systems intended to promote quality of care, exemplified by its series of reviews of adverse events.  Further, it will investigate and refer for prosecution cases involving abuse or grossly deficient care of Medicare and Medicaid patients.  Its priority under this category is to promote public safety.  Under the category of securing the future; OIG will foster sound financial stewardship and the reduction of improper payments.  OIG will continue to review HHS’ annual financial statement audits and error rate reports.  It will conduct targeted reviews to identify improper payments to be recovered and recommend management improvements to systemic weaknesses that contribute to improper payments.  Its priorities under this category are to support a high-performing health care system and promote the secure and effective use of data and technology.  Under the category of advancing excellence and innovation; OIG will strive to advance excellence and innovation in its own organization and operations.  Its priorities under this category is to recruit, retain and empower a diverse workforce; leverage leading edge tools and technology and promote leadership, vision and expertise.  To obtain a copy of the complete report, click here.

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