Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Recent Affordable Care Act Announcement

By Erin Sutton

Last week, President Obama announced transitional relief through 2014 to extend insurance policies for individual and small group plan cancellations. We understand there have been providers that may have altered their employer insurance arrangements to phase out these plans, and will continue to examine the impact to our sector.

In the meantime, please find CMS’s letter to State Insurance Commissioners providing additional detail regarding the President’s proposed administrative fix. This letter outlines the proposed “transitional policy,” and (1) enumerates the market reforms established under the Affordable Care Act that such plans will be exempt from in 2014; (2) requires that applicable plans must have coverage in effect on October 1, 2013; and (3) provides additional guidance on the required content of the notices that must be provided to consumers by such plans. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact AHCA’s Erin Sutton or Dana Halvorson. Also, be sure to visit AHCA’s ACA Web page for further information on the ACA.

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