Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Senior Flu Twitter Chat Success!

This past Friday, AHCA hosted an enlightening Twitter Chat on seniors and flu season with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Immunization Action Coalition.

The three organizations communicated with fellow Twitter followers using the hashtag #seniorflu.

Chat participation exceeded expectations—here are some of our favorite #seniorflu questions and responses tweets:

  • @ahcancal: Q4: We know the importance of getting a flu shot, is there any other way that seniors can prevent themselves from getting the flu?#seniorflu

    • @planprescriber: T4: Sleeping well, managing stress, eating healthy and washing hands often may prevent the #flu. #SeniorFlu

  • @ahcancal: Q5: If I’m a senior and I live alone, where can I find more information about the flu? #seniorflu

  • @ahcancal: T8: Does the high dose vaccine, for individuals 65 years or older, provide better protection? #SeniorFlu

    • @immunizeaction: T8: Recently, a large study has shown that those over 65 who received high dose vaccine had 22.4% fewer influenza infections. #SeniorFlu

    • @mymedicare: A9: Check out the Council on #Aging in your area. There may be educational workshops available thanks to the Flu+You campaign. #SeniorFlu

    • @ImmunizeAction: T9: Vaccine on the shelf is 100% ineffective while vaccine given in the arm will prevent you from getting really sick with flu.#seniorflu
To view more of AHCA's influenza resources, and view the full list of Twitter chat questions, please click here.

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