Thursday, October 3, 2013

Parkinson Speaks to Fix the Debt Group

Mark Parkinson today addressed a panel sponsored by Fix the Debt - a bipartisan organization committed to finding policy solutions to eliminate the national debt. Parkinson was invited by former Clinton OMB Director Alice Rivlin and former House Budget Chairman Jim Nussle, where he spoke on the impact of Medicare and Medicaid today as part of any comprehensive plan.

He joined a group of 40 business and health executives including the Kaiser Family Foundation, Humana, and the Catholic Health Association of the United States, at the Third Way offices in Washington, D.C. Third Way is a national think tank that prides itself on its untraditional approach to advancing moderate policy and political ideas.

Parkinson emphasized that America is still economically strong despite the fact that as a nation we spend 18% of our GDP on health care. Other industrialized countries spend, on average, 10-12% on health care. Trimming health costs, therefore, can only help America grow economically.  Parkinson cited the dual eligible population as one high-cost driver that policymakers can and should address in a smarter, less costly way.

Tom Scully, former administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and former President and Chief CEO of the Federation of American Hospitals, also addressed the group.

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