Friday, September 6, 2013

Facility Tours Bring Members of Congress and Veterans Together

Frances Foglesong, 89, relived her days as a resident of the nation’s capital during a face-to-face with Congressman Jim Bridenstine (OK1-R) when the latter visited Glennwood in Glenpool Monday, August 26. Foglesong, a World War II veteran, bonded with the Congressman over their shared time in the U.S. Navy. Based in Washington, D.C., Foglesong worked for the Department of the Navy as a typist during the Second World War. Congressman Bridenstine was an active officer in the Navy from 1998-2007 and still maintains reserve status.

Ousting a five-term incumbent Republican in the latest primary, Congressman Bridenstine, a freshman in the House, received a few tips from Foglesong on the grandeur of the capital. “Washington, in my estimation, is a beautiful place,” she said, reminiscing about time spend sitting under the cherry blossom trees after work.
After her stay in the capital, Foglesong went on to drive half-ton trucks for the Coast Guard in Port Everglades, Florida before moving to Oklahoma in the 1940s to marry her late husband, also a WWII veteran. Foglesong expressed to Congressman Bridenstine, and everyone else, that enjoying life remains on her agenda for the future.

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