Friday, September 13, 2013

AHCA/NCAL "We are the Solution" Campaign Recognized in Prominent Political Publications

AHCA/NCAL launched its new $1 million "We are the Solution" advocacy campaign on Monday, and Capitol Hill publications took notice.   

"We are the Solution" was highlighted in Provider, CQ, Politico, McKnight's Long Term Care News, and BloombergGovernment, all of which detailed AHCA/NCAL's efforts to improve quality while saving money by promoting hospital readmission reduction incentives, among other policy solutions, to members of Congress.

The “We are the Solution” media campaign includes print, online, radio, and television advertisements that will primarily run inside of the beltway over the next four months. AHCA/NCAL is committed to helping Congress find solutions to difficult fiscal challenges while preserving Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, producing savings, and advancing quality.

Do your part to advance the advocacy campaign and let your Congressmen and women know that the Long Term Care profession stands ready to work together with them to promote quality care for our nation's seniors. Use Facebook or Twitter to alert your representatives about AHCA/NCAL's new "We are the Solution" webpage.

Stay looped into AHCA/NCAL's advocacy efforts this fall and beyond by requesting an Advocacy Box filled with materials to help you stay involved with your representatives. For more information, or to request that an Advocacy Box be sent to your center, contact Drew Thies at

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