Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oklahoma centenarian advises people to “l-o-v-e”

Photo Provided by The Norman Transcript
An estimated 53,000 centenarians are currently living in the United States. Fred Smith of Oklahoma is one of them.

A lifetime Oklahoman, Smith recently celebrated his 102nd birthday.
Up until last year, Smith was still living in his home and driving around town in his Oldsmobile Cutlass. Now a resident of Noble Health Center, Smith recently reflected back on his long life, and explained that love is what has, and will always pull him through.

Smith loved his late wife, Lula, and enjoyed 67 years of marriage by her side. When she began suffering from a paralyzed state during her last three years, he enlisted continual home care.

“That’s what love does,” Smith said.

He served as a deacon for more than 70 years, held multiple jobs in farming, and was employed as a butcher at the University of Oklahoma in his later years where Smith estimates the college served 5,000 meals a day.

“At age 65, [Smith] learned to water ski, got his real estate license and served as tax assessor for Marshall County, a position he had for 10 years,” explained a recent article from The Norman Transcript.

Smith was also an avid gardener whose work had been featured in multiple magazines and television shows.

In addition to his beloved late wife Lula, Smith has three children, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

“I hope I’ve taught them how to grow l-o-v-e and how to work,” Smith said.

Check out the full story from The Norman Transcript here.

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