Monday, July 1, 2013

The Real Cost of Long Term Care

"Most Americans aren't even thinking about it, but the numbers say we should be."

The opening line to a Huffington Post article, "The Real Cost of Long Term Care," says what the long term care profession has been reiterating for years: long term care is, for many, an inevitable fact of life.  Nearly 70% of all Americans will require long term care during their lives.

The article and its accompanying infographic points out a few of the larger aspects of preparing for long term care, such as costs, family caregiving, types of care, and long term care insurance.  For more information on planning for long term care in your family, visit for resources and guides that can help you and your loved ones make the best decisions about care.

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  1. Nice Post and informative as well!!! A good long term care insurance policy covers those options and when all else fails, it pays for nursing homes too.